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Head & Shoulder scans

We will scan and produce a head and shoulder print in 3d in one of 3 sizes.

Small for £15.00

Medium for £30.00

Large for £40.00

The prints will be ready 2-3 days after the scan.

We can send these on to any address for an additional charge.

We are now offering scans and 3d prints / models of you or your loved ones.

Printed on our printer in store, a life like image in 3 dimensions.

The scan takes about 5 minutes and is totally harmless.

Full body Scans

We will scan and produce full body replicas of you your children or your partner.

Why not have a model produced for your wedding cake topping.

The cost for this is £50.00 per model.

Your model will be approximately 150mm tall.  

Babies Hands & Feet

We will take a scan of your babies hand or foot, we will then print this in 3d on our printer.

Makes a fantastic present or memento of your bundle of joy.

The cost for this service is £35.00 per hand or foot.

We will print this to be as close to life size as we can.

Call us now on 01937 830121 or fill out the contact us form.

Please note for the scan to work you need to be able to stay still for a few minutes whilst we walk around you holding the scanner about 15 inches away from you. We will know immediately if the scan has worked. It is difficult to do head scans of young children as they tend not to be able to remain still.